Data privacy notice

1. Data controller

Name: University of Oulu
Postal address: Oulun yliopisto, PL 8000, 90014 Oulun yliopisto
Visiting address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90570 Oulu.

2. Unit in charge of the processing

The unit in charge is UniMove under academic affairs. Contact details are as follows: Contact details of the Data Protection Officer are as follows:

3. Register's name

UniMove's customer data register.

4. What your personal data is used for?

  • Verification of the right to use the services
  • Customer relationship management, analysis and development
  • Providing, implementing and developing services
  • Analytics and statistical purposes such as tracking the usage rate of services
  • Implementation and monitoring of customer and marketing communications
  • Notification of changes and cancellations
  • Processing, analysis and statistics of customer feedback and the results of customer surveys
  • Prevention and investigation of abuses and problem situations

Personal data is processed based on the contractual relationship to implement the sports service. Managing the customer relationship requires providing personal information. Regarding marketing communication, the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the person.
5. What kind of personal data do we collect about you?

The following personal data is collected in connection with HAKA registration:

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • home university
  • the person's relationship with the university (student / staff)

Information related to the customer and the use of services and content, such as:

  • address and phone number when purchasing a sports fee
  • service reservations made by the customer, payments, cancellations and participation information, any other information provided by the customer for managing the customer relationship
  • acceptance of terms of use (opt-in), marketing license (opt-in)

6. Regular sources of information

Information related to the customer is collected from the person himself in connection with HAKA registration. In addition, information is collected in connection with the use of services and when the customer participates in surveys, for example.

7. How we use cookies?

We use cookies and other similar technologies, such as the browser's local storage, to provide and develop our services. We also use cookies to identify content and target advertising. With the help of cookies, we can, among other things, offer more up-to-date and personalized services by displaying content based on the user's interests. They also enable, for example, login and authentication, save personal settings and configurations, and analyze the operation of our sites. When you use our online services, they collect, for example, the following information: IP address, which links you use, which advertisements or other content you have viewed, which page you come from and which you visit, the time of browsing, the type of your browser or application and other similar information.

You can regulate the use of cookies, for example, through the browser's administrative functions. More information about cookies can be found in the privacy or help documentation of each browser. Certain features of the services are determined by cookies, so blocking and deleting cookies (browser and other choices) may have a detrimental effect on the functionality and user experience of the web or mobile application service in question.

8. To whom do we disclose your personal data?

The processed personal data is located in the system maintained by WiseNetwork Oy. Your personal data will only be processed by those persons at the University of Oulu and WiseNetwork Oy whose job duties require it. The data controller processes your data only in connection with the customer relationship, and it is not disclosed to third parties. The provider of the service, WiseNetwork Oy, can use anonymous information generated from the use of the service for the development and marketing of its own business. Personal data can only be disclosed within the limits permitted and required by the legislation in force at any given time and as required by the competent authorities.

9. Do we transfer your personal data outside the EU?

Personal data is not transferred outside the EU area.

10. How long will my data be stored?

We store your data for at least the duration of the customer relationship. After the end of the customer relationship, the retention time depends on the information and its purpose of use. For example, your contact information is stored for five years after the end of the customer relationship, and the information of potential customers is generally stored for six months after the data collection. We comply with statutory obligations in the storage of information.

We try to keep the personal data in our possession correct and up-to-date by deleting unnecessary data and updating outdated data. However, we encourage you from time to time to check that your information is up-to-date.

11. How is your personal data protected?

We protect your personal data very carefully by using appropriate data protection and information security measures. Such methods include proactive and reactive risk management, the use of firewalls, encryption technologies and secure equipment rooms, security planning, controlled granting and monitoring of access rights, ensuring the competence of personnel involved in the processing of personal data through training and evaluations, and careful selection of subcontractors.We are constantly updating our internal policies and guidelines accordingly.

12. Your rights as our customer

Student as a data subject has the following rights::

  • Right to access own personal information
  • Right to have inaccurate information rectified (remember to update your contact information)
  • In some occasion right to have information removed (“right to be forgotten”)
  • In some occasion right to restriction or objecting of data processing
  • In some occasion right to have data transferred between systems in machine-readable format, if the processing of data is based on consent and performed automatically.

Please note that the rights mentioned above will be considered case by case in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation. Also note that in all occations you do not have the rights mentioned above.

If you wish to exercise your rights mentioned above, please send your request to: You will get a reply with necessary instructions. In addition to the rights mentioned above, you have the right to file a complaint about the processing of your personal data with the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman as the supervisory authority. The contact details and opening hours can be found on the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

13. Can this privacy statement be changed?

We are constantly developing our services and reserve the right to change this privacy policy by announcing it in our services. Changes can also be based on changes in legislation. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the content of the privacy policy regularly.

Updated 23.8.2022.